#FoodieFriday: Lollipop making session with the girls

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Made iced tea for the girls when they were over at my place on our 1st attempt in making hard candies- we're making lollipops!

lol but our 1st attempt of a big hot epic fail because we totally forgotten to buy a candy thermometer since it has to be exactly 300 degrees so the other day nadnut came over to my place for a 2nd attempt!

She's been nagging me to do her makeup for the longest time so we tried that too! Hahaha

I don't usually know or try to do makeup for others because alot of times i wouldn't know how to draw it according to their eyeshape etc but since nadnut has double eyelid + big eyes i could literally do my makeup exactly as it is on her face hehe and this was the result of it!

And i thought she looked super pretty, I even liked it even more than it is on my own face hehe!

We did Melon flavored lollipops that day, yums!

Must bully her and make her measure everything while i yell instructions nonstop muahahah, yes ze lazy bones is lazy.

Fidel to nadnutl: "Stir woman, STIRRRRRR!!"

Haha we totally forgotten to add food colouring so it'll be prettier but yay we finally did it!
If you want to try making your own candies too, I got my silicon moulds from taobao and also Bake-it-yourself!

Here! I tried this recipe from here but without the edible flowers: Spring Flower Lollipops recipe

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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